At Kitchens Seafood, food safety is our priority.

At Kitchens Seafood, nothing is more important to us than Quality, Food Safety, and Sustainability. It is woven into the fabric of every aspect of our daily lives in supply chain management, production, and distribution.

All plants maintain an approved HACCP plan, as well as SQF Level 2 Certification and BAP Certification.

Our U.S. plant is under the voluntary inspection by the United States Department of Commerce (U.S.D.C.)

We monitor all production reports on sanitation, GMPs, microbiological and drug testing, raw material and finished goods.

All aquaculture raw materials must pass antibiotic testing.

All production lines are assigned one or more Quality Control Inspectors.

All finished goods and raw materials have full traceability.

Strategic Sourcing,Sustainability & Traceability

We are a fully integrated production company with joint venture sourcing, ranging from fishing vessel fleets in Florida and other Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coastal ports, to processing facilities in Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and Asia.  

All of our products are Sustainably Sourced to ensure future Industry preservation, and overall health of our most sought after species.

Along with our sister companies, we are part of the largest privately owned shrimp importing and packing group in the United States.

Our sourcing expertise is a core strength of our company. Our annual production volume enables Kitchens Seafood to assure you, as our business partner, competitive pricing, and strict adherence to your product and pack specifications.