Kitchens Seafood is bringing value back to quality seafood.

With two centuries of seafood experience, Kitchens Seafood started as a small family company but has grown into so much more. Today, our team is renowned for its experience, know-how, and processing capabilities in value added shrimp, fillets, fresh, and specialty items – our core business.

Let us bring your concepts to shelf with the support from our R&D, Marketing, Procurement, and Logistics team to deliver Excellence and Quality, Nationwide.

Our customers are our partners

We value our customer relationships for many reasons. We only succeed if you succeed! We believe that strong, long standing relationships leads to growth, innovation, and a better experience for the consumer.

Competitive Advantage

With many choices in the Food Space, why Kitchens? Great question, but the answer is actually simple. While we all tout the alphabet soup of sustainability and Food Safety acronyms such as MSC, BAP, SQF, GFSI, USDA, USDC and everything in between, we work each day to make sure we are offering value and top quality products for our consumers. Our ability to supply and create a menu of products and lines is unmatched. At the retailer level, we have the capacity to take on full private label product lines and programs to create cohesion and ease of execution in distribution.

What's in it for you?

Simply put, A partner that understands the daily challenges of the Food Industry, and wants you to succeed. We know that quality, on-time delivery, and price is paramount. Our goal is to always be aligned with our partners. Your consumer is our consumer, and your success means everything to us here at Kitchens.